TMR Support for Foreign Gradute Student's Academic paper 
Second Reading Assiciation of Academic Japanese Paper in Urban Studies・Area Studies・Policy Studies

The Second Reading Association of an Academic Japanese Paper in Urban Studies/Area Studies/Policy Studies is a membership association that supports foreign graduate students who write academic papers in Japanese in master’s or doctoral courses in Universities in Japan. The aim of the Association, managed by Think Mate Research Co. Ltd. (TMR), is to contribute to academic achievements through support for improving foreign graduate student’s paper in urban studies/area studies/policy studies. After a member student sends a paper of own academic subject to the Association, the student receives proofreading on his/her paper from the Association with comments in Japanese on Japanese language as well as reviews on logic by academic professionals. Professionals belonging to the Association cover a great deal of academic subjects.

The foreign graduate student’s paper written in Japanese is reviewed and commented by academic professionals registered to the Association. The academic fields of the paper may be mainly related to urban studies, area studies and policy studies; such as a living environment, a natural environment, a public policy, a social policy, a cultural policy, an economic policy, a legal institution, a political system, an administrative system, a regional development, and a regional information.
A foreign graduate student who is going to write a master thesis or a doctoral dissertation in any university in Japan.

A member student sends a paper to the Association by an email, and the paper with comments is returned to the student by an email after the two steps of professional review; the first step is correcting Japanese writing and the second step is proof reading of logical and structural writing.

Master’s student: Three papers reviewed within one year of the second semester and the third semester; if necessary, additional two papers reviewed in the fourth semester with an extra fee.
Doctoral student: Four papers reviewed within three years.
(The above schedule is a tyipical model ,and an actual support depends on student’s improvements.)
Admission fee US$300 (30000yen), Annual member fee US$200 (20000yen).
Paper review fee per one review: US$500 (50000yen) for a master’s student ; and US$1000(100000yen) for a doctoral student. (Note: Additional US$100(10000yen) in the busy season of July, December and January)
The Association cannot guarantee student’s entering into a graduate school or taking a degree.
Retired professor、Post-doctoral fellow、Experienced teacher of Japanese writing.
Please contact us by an email.

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